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Do you want to reach your goals easier, and faster than might seem possible?
What I am offering you here are the same tools used by the titans of industry and leading performers across the board to reach unrivaled heights. These same principles will work for you when you apply them in your life, and will make a massive impact in your business. 
Then I have something really special for you. It is called the 30-Day Next Level Blueprint. It is where I share with you the game-changing lessons that I had to learn the hard way.

 I created this blueprint to share with you the tools and ideas that I see change lives. I know that this will really supercharge your life and your business. Learning these habits, strategies, and tactics cost me many thousands of dollars, and years of reading, going to seminars, listening to audio programs, classes on business, not to mention all of the pain I had to experience because I hadn’t learned them yet. 

Today I am offering it for only $10. 
The price only goes up from here.
I want to first give you a warning, because this isn’t for everyone. The Next Level Blueprint is for people who are really committed to taking their life and business to the next level. In this 30-Day plan we focus on every area of our lives to see what shifts we need to adopt the habits of champions. As I am sure you already know, massive success doesn’t come from merely the right strategies and products, it comes from how much action we are willing to take on a daily basis. It is our mindset that determines our ability to take that massive action, and execute more effectively. I have been asked many times how I was able to reach success as quickly as I have. That is why I knew it was so important to share the exact formulas and ideas that have allowed me to take my life to the level that I am enjoying now. 
 I wanted everyone to have access to this so I am giving it away nearly free. 
A Little About Josh!
  • Generated Over 5 Million In Revenue Before 29
  • Helped Over 3000 Entrepreneurs Start A Business
  • Started 9 Companies
  •  Learned The Hard Way So You Dont Have To
  •  Author Of Photo Booth Secrets 600+ Copies Shipped Worldwide
  •  Lead Generating Expert
  •  Facebook Ad Expert
  •  Winner Of 2X 2 Comma Club Winner
  •  Recognized By Kevin O'leary 
Ready To Learn From A Millionaire Mentor
30 Days Of Mentoring By Josh
I am charging a low $10 though to weed out people who aren’t serious, and because studies show that people are more willing to implement knowledge that they pay for. I want you to be successful, that is why I wrote this. It is as simple as that.
Josh Has Worked With Some Of The Biggest Name On Earth...
What exactly is the Next Level Program?
It is a 30 Day Program where I send you a message each day with a life changing lesson. Some days it is something to think about, other days I even give a small assignment designed to 10X your life. I wanted to share with people how they could have more confidence, create a greater vision for their lives, and basically win more. Who doesn’t want to win more? It is a series of articles that I have written designed to give you the ultimate edge in your life and in your business. In a competition where two people have all other things equal, it comes down to whoever has the best quality thoughts, ideas, and mindset that determines who will win. Do you want to win more? Do you want unstoppable confidence when you are talking to prospects? Do you want to remain calm in the midst of a storm to grab that golden opportunity when it is in front of you? If so, this is the program for you.
Similar 30-day programs out there designed to upgrade your business mindset will cost you on the low end $250 to upwards of several thousand dollars. I mentioned before that I was originally was going to do this for free, but with a price tag of just $10 I don’t think that will be price prohibitive for anyone. Especially people killing it with PBI. If you still aren’t where you want to be with your life and with your business this program is for you. Do not miss this opportunity to start today. In 30 days, you and your business will be stronger and better because of it. No excuses. Everyone has the 10 minutes per day to read my messages, and to follow through with applying them. If you are the type of person who has made it to this message, I already know that you are the type of person who has what it takes to succeed. 

 Maybe you need a little boost. We all do sometimes. I am constantly investing to improve my game. Take what I have distilled from all of the thousands of dollars and years of my life I have dedicated towards gathering this knowledge, and benefit from it. I put a lot of time and energy writing this program for you, always with a laser focus on delivering the most value possible. I didn’t hold anything back. You get my lifetime of learning and all the money I have ever invested for just $10, I don’t see how anyone can afford not to take this opportunity.

If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, it would be the Next Level Blueprint. I asked myself what people would have to know that would take them to my level of success. I wrote it down in a series of 30 messages. I look forward to continuing this discussion very soon. You owe this to yourself to join. Chat soon.
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